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Ki Aikido Modern Day Budo

by Mike (Cheddar Club)

18th April 2007

About five/six years ago I found myself wanting to of a martial art (Budo) type of thing having tried a few things when I was younger, so I so I spent some time looking around at what was on offer in my local area, I realised that I wanted something that involved practice with someone that would help/prove if it was going to work.  I went along to a Ki Aikido session one night and saw what I had been looking for. 

Ki Aikido involves two people to make it work and there are no benefits in having a conflict, using aggression or having battles of strength as this becomes counter productive as you progress in your study.  It seems as people gain in Ki Aikido they become what would seem softer yet their techniques much more powerful. Which goes against what you would think.

I have found that Ki Aikido is not only just for practice on the mat, part of what we practice in Ki Aikido has shown me that ones attitude to things has a very strong effect on your mind and body and in the long term and in the long term can only be counter productive.

I have at times had to apply some of the things I have learnt in Ki Aikido on the mat to the work environment, which has helped me to deal with some very stressful situations and there by not bring it home or onto the mat.  In the long term I know that I will be more supple, be able to relax and that there is still so much more to understand.

So whatever your age, sex, fitness or experience, come along to see what benefits Ki Aikido can bring to you now and in the future.

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