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A Thirst for Knowledge

by Richard Myerson (Cheddar Club)

18th April 2007

Ki Aikido has been more and more integral to everything I do inlife.  It is so much more than just a martial art.  It teaches you respect, control and deep inner calm.  I have been practicing for just over two years now and can’t get enough of it!  I was originally drawn to Aikido by my friend and his father (both of whom practice at Headquarters).  From the first time I saw Sensei work his magic I was thirsty for more.

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Ki Aikido Something to Look Forward to

by Clive & Debbie Humphries (Cheddar Club)

30th March 2007

I joined Ki Aikido aged 51, as I was looking for that something to keep my body and soul in shape.  Also something that would not be too physically challenging and allow me to meet with other friendly people.  I was helped by the fact that my wife had joined Ki Aikido earlier and was encouraging me to try it for myself.  Well, I did, and have found in the short period of time I have been actively taking part that I have become more supple; with a few aches and pains, and generally fitter and less stressed....Click here for the full article

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Aikido an Effective Art

by John Ward (Cheddar Club)

30th March 2007

John WardI first came across Ki Aikido nearly two years ago at a demonstration by Sensei Sturdy.  I was immediately impressed by Aikido’s defensive aspects and how effective a martial art it was.  I have been practicing Ki Aikido since then under the instruction of Sensei Sturdy and although I sometimes find the subtleties of the techniques hard to grasp, I feel that I am slowly progressing.

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Starting my Own Journey

by Jayne Biddiscombe (Cheddar Club)

30th March 2007

As a child I observed my father practice and teach Aikido.  I knew then that Aikido gave my father confidence, grace and self-belief.

Now at the age of 39, I have taken up Aikido lessons myself, much to my father’s joy and pride.  When we meet we have great discussions about Aikido techniques and movements.

I am proud to wear my father’s hakama, as I begin my own journey with Aikido.  My regret is that I didn’t begin that journey sooner, but as Aikido is for all ages, it is never too late to begin.

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More to Offer

by Chris Collin (Burnham On Sea Club)

30th March 2007

I feel that Ki Aikido has a lot more to offer that other Martial Arts don’t, these are for me more important than being able to bash someone’s face.   I feel that it is good to have a code off behaviour which influences discipline.  As I am still new to Ki Aikido there is a lot to learn which is exciting.  So, I have enjoyed how to roll koho tento undo and break fall zempo kaiten undo, as well as my handling of pain.  I’m looking forward to learning about Ki breathing, Ki meditation and Ki therapy as well as forms and techniques.

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