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Sensei Martin Mercer

Instructor Biography:

Sensei Martin Mercer, Hachidan (8th Dan).
KAGB Vice President

Poole Ki Aikido Club instructor Sensei Mercer began his study of Aikido in November 1983 at Bournemouth Ki Aikido Club, under the direction of Sensei Andy Stevens, a former instructor for the Aikikai of Poole. After Bournemouth Ki Aikido club dissolved in 1985, Sensei Mercer continued his study of Aikido at a number of different clubs including the Zen Shin Aikido club of Verwood.

In 1986 as a result of an interview on a local radio station Sensei Mercer was introduced to Sensei Dennis Burke of Ringwood Ki Aikido Club, which was affiliated to the Ki Federation of Great Britain. Sensei Mercer continued to practice under the guidance of Sensei Burke when the club relocated to Salisbury a few months later.

During this period of time Sensei Mercer attended many courses and seminars, receiving instruction from teachers such as Sensei Ken Williams (President and Technical Director of the Ki Federation of Great Britain), Sensei Paul Mckeckan, Sensei Ray Sturdy, Sensei Val Smith, Sensei Glynn Smith, Sensei Peter Hughes, and Sensei Ian Aitkenhead.

In 1990 Sensei Mercer transferred his practice to Poole Ki Aikido club under the direction of Ki Federation executive committee member Sensei Ray Sturdy. After a period of intensive training, Sensei Mercer was accepted to become Sensei Sturdy’s personal assistant. This role saw Sensei Mercer travel extensively with Sensei Sturdy as he taught courses throughout Europe and Australasia.

As a teacher Sensei Mercer taught on a regular bassis at the Verwood club he founded, before taking over the established Poole Ki Aikido Club in 2002 when Sensei Ray Sturdy relocated to Somerset.

Sensei Mercer Resigned as a teacher for the Ki Federation in August 2006, in order to continue practising and teaching under the direction of Sensei Ray Sturdy. Sensei Mercer is now a Grading Officer and Vice President for Ki Aikido of Great Britain and continues to teach his regular classes in Poole.

Class Times
Bearwood Community Centre
King John Ave,
Poole, Dorset.
BH11 9TF
Mondays: 8.00pm - 9.30pm
(General class, beginners welcome)
Sensei Martin Mercer
Tel: 07984 175836
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